Starting the ‘tech’ category, ALT-.

This entry starts the ‘tech’ category, in which I will occasionally write about technical stuff, mostly about linux and android. They will be written in (probably poor) english as I hope to give something back to the international community I’ve learned so much from, in contrast to my more private or political articles in the ‘blog’ category which will continue to be written in german.

I’ll start with the single most helpful bash keyboard shortcut I’ve encountered so far: ‘<ALT-.>’ will insert the last word from the last command entered.

kheymann@corax:~$ ls -l /etc/issue
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 26 Okt 24 00:04 /etc/issue
kheymann@corax:~$ vi <Alt-.>
kheymann@corax:~$ vi /etc/issue

I’m using it every day, all in all it has saved me some hours of typing over the last years.

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